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The curriculum at St. Agnes School is coordinated K-5. Textbooks and workbooks are chosen with care. The importance of basics is stressed, incorporating a variety of methods of teaching and enrichment programs. St. Agnes will provide a minimum of 1,032 instructional hours for each student.

The curriculum includes:  Reading, English, Handwriting, Spelling, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Literature, Health, and Religion.  We follow a curriculum based on Nebraska State Standards and approved by the Nebraska Department of Education.

Additionally, students receive instruction in music, physical education, library and computer skills weekly.  Art is taught in the classroom by the homeroom teacher.  Social and emotional growth is developed through The Second Step Program, a program designed to promote school success, self-regulation and a sense of safety and support.

Religion is taught as a class, as well as incorporated throughout the school day. Religion classes do not end at school.  Parents are the primary educators and the faith must be lived as a family with home involvement.

Students in 1st -5th grades participate in MAPS Testing. Map Growth, a computer adaptive test, created by NWEA, is taken 2-3 times per school year (Fall/Spring).  These tests adjust to student’s learning level, providing a unique set of test questions based on the student’s response to previous questions.  As the student responds, the test responds to the student, adjusting the difficulty of the question.

The results provide teachers with information to help them deliver appropriate content for each student and determine individual academic growth over time.



Reveal Math

K-5th grade – Reveal math

Reveal math is strategically designed to create meaningful math experiences fueled by active student engagement and a deepening of conceptual understanding for all students. This coherent, vertically aligned K-12 core math solution will help uncover the mathematician in every student.  By encouraging curiosity, exploration and growth mindset, Reveal Math, allows students to see math as a dynamic set of problem- solving strategies instead of the application of memorized algorithmic or computational procedures.

Reading/Language Arts/Spelling

Wonders 2020 – K-3rd Grade

Literature Based Reading (using novels) – 4th & 5th grades

Write Source – 4th & 5th grades

Wonders is a comprehensive Pre-K-6 literacy program designed to meet the challenges of today’s classroom and reach all learners.  It includes a wealth of research-based print and digital resources that provide unmatched support for building strong literacy foundations, accessing complex fiction & non-fiction texts, developing writing skills and building strong social emotional skills.  Wonders uses research-proven instruction and best practices to help students grow as readers, writers and critical thinkers.

The curriculum includes development and practice of skills and understanding in reading, writing, speaking, and listening.  It helps children develop appreciation of literature, creativity, and expression.

Elevate Science Curriculum

Elevate Science is a complete K-5 science program, including a blended print and digital curriculum, that elevates thinking, learning and teaching.  It encourages innovation, collaboration and creativity while promoting understanding, application and synthesis.  Elevate promotes investigation, critical thinking and analysis through phenomena-based quests, STEM and engineering activities and interdisciplinary connections.

Social Studies

Pearson My World – 2nd – 5th Grades
Individual units – 1st & 2nd Grade

Scholastic News (current events) - Pre -K - 5th 

The curriculum helps children develop an understanding of the world and its people.  It includes experiences drawn from geography, history, economics, government, citizenship, career awareness, human relations, current affairs and cultural studies.  This includes instruction in American history and stories and about the exploits and deeds of American heroes.



PK – Stories of God’s Love

K-5th Grade – RCL Benziger Blest Are We – Faith in Action

Blest Are We Faith in Action invites all learners to explore and grow in Faith, Word, and Action. Using an integrated approach, each unit is based on a particular theme or area of Catholic belief and practice. This theme is studied over four individual chapters that correspond to the four pillars of the Catechism: What Catholics Believe, How Catholics Worship, How Catholics Live, and How Catholics Pray. In this way the essentials of Catholic teaching are presented in an integrated and balanced approach that helps students learn and deepen their faith and Catholic identity.


St. Agnes School is committed to preparing students for life in the 21st century.  Strong computer and technology skills will play a major role in their education and future careers.  Our school has made great advances in the area of technology over the past 5 years.  Each classroom is equipped with a Bright Links White Board which allows teachers to enhance their core curriculums with virtual lessons, active learning games, testing and more.  As well, in 2017, our paddle auction at the Premiere Event raised funds for the purchasing of 60 chrome books and 2 mobi carts.  These mobi labs (one per floor) allow for development of keyboarding skills, whole group reach and writing projects, enrichment activities for all levels of students as well as provide the opportunity for our new testing system – MAPS.   A GEER fund grant provided 25 new chrome books in 2021.  

These experiences with technology will have our students well prepared for the next level of education.

Handwriting – D’Nelian – K-3rd Grades


Pre-k - 5th
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    Mission Statement
    St. Agnes School is committed to providing our students an opportunity for academic excellence in the Catholic tradition through a partnership with parents and the parish community. As a Catholic faith-centered community, we commit to help students develop their potential as conscious and responsible leaders, empowering them to live the Gospel values of love, peace, respect and service in their everyday lives.


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